Conversation #57

Keertana was down with fever that day. She was concerned as children got their first trip to their cousins in USA scheduled that week.

Keertana: Papa, do you think I will recover from this fever in time?
Siva: Yes. Your Mom, Krishna and Me will give 25% of our energy to you. You should be OK by tomorrow morning.
Keertana was surprised.
Siva: We are ONE family. A family is like ONE body. Everyone of us is like a part of our family-body. Say Krishna is our hands, I am the legs, Mom is the stomach.
Keertana: What about face?
Siva: Ok, you are like the face.
Keertana seemed happy.
Siva: Every part is important. If one part is not in good shape, other parts feel it too. Now you are sick, therefore automatically the Energy from the other 3 of us will flow to you.
Keertana was silent. She went to bed that night skipping her dinner. As usual we did not use any medicine, we used cold pack on her head. She got up in the morning, still looking down, yet she wanted to go to school.
Siva: Take bath first, then we will see.
Keertana took bath and she was looking OK. We found her Temperature was normal too! We were jubilant.
Keertana (pondering): Papa, are you OK?
Siva: Yes, why?
Keertana: You lost 25% of your Energy, right?
Siva: Probably.
Keertana: How will you get back your Energy?
Siva: No problem. I meditated more last night and must have got my Energy back.
Keertana was looking happy. She went to school normally and had a perfect day.

Right on the day of their trip to USA, Krishna was down with fever. Keertana was stunned on realizing this, and was overheard saying that we got to meditate more that day. This time around, we used fever medicine for Krishna and they had a smooth sailing.

If we think someone is part of our family, Energy transmission takes place automatically whenever needed, however far we live. We can call it Love.

Later I would expand this family-body concept from 4 of us to include relations, friends, school, workplace, community and so on till we include entire world. We came to this planet to expand our family through Love. Expansion is happiness. Expansion is Wisdom.

There are two kinds of people among us and accordingly there are two ways available for us to expand.
1) Some of us (usually Women) are kind at heart, therefore Love is natural for them. The more they include people in their family, the more they expand (and also become meditative).
2) Some of us (usually Men) are extremely smart. Meditation is the natural way for them. Meditation leads them to Love. And Love leads to expansion.


Conversation #56

File Jul 11, 12 13 27 AM

Here is how I introduced the concept of Gurupuja (respecting the people who guide us in life) to children and their friends on the occasion of Gurupurnima (the most auspicious full moon day of the year).

Siva: Before I tell you why we assembled here, I have a simple question to all of you. Who is a Human being?
Many children raised their hands.
Child: Someone who has got life?
Siva: Even plants have got life…
Child: Someone who can think?
Siva: Right. We think better than animals. Is that all?
Child: Someone who has got a face, two hands and can walk on two legs!
There was thunderous applause:-)
Siva: Our body and mind are the tools we are equipped with. Who are us?
Children were silent.
Siva: Here is the answer. A human being is a SEED, with unlimited potential. You know how a small seed can produce a huge tree, right?
Children: Yes
Siva: Same with human seed too. We can grow big, huge. But the game here is, NOT all the seeds will grow big. Suppose I throw a handful of plant seeds on to the ground. Do you think all of them will sprout and grow big?
Children: No
Siva: Right, some will sprout and some might simply be eaten by birds or goats (making a chewing sound)!
Children were laughing, while I put some black dots on the whiteboard at random places.
Siva: Do you see these dots?
Children: Yes
Siva: These are the seeds. These are YOU.
There was pin drop silence.
Siva: We want you to grow big, NOT remain a seed or a sprout. How big you grow depends on two things: One, how big you would dream and, Two, how well you would realize your dream.
Siva (drawing circles around the dots): These circles are your dreams (see the picture in the comment section below). The bigger your (realized) dream is, the bigger you grow.
Smaller children were having great fun and were clapping while watching those circles. Everyone likes circles, because circles indicate completeness.
Siva: There are two kinds of dreams. One that you dream for only yourself, one that you dream for…..(expanding my hands)
Children: World!
Siva: Right, for everyone around you. Now comes the secret. If your dream is only for your self, you will have to work all the way to realize your dream. If you dream for everyone around you, your dream gets realized very easily. Whatever effort you put in, Nature will put in 10 times more effort to fulfill your dream.
Children were astonished.
Siva: You can have both kinds of dreams. Btw, how should you dream?
Children: To become great
Siva: No. You need to dream to DO or MAKE something great (happen). What you BECOME comes next.
(Note: I think Parents/teachers should never tell children WHAT to dream. If the parents are already working on great dreams, children will own those dreams automatically. Otherwise, we need to expose children to other people who are working on great dreams, so that children get inspired and create their own dreams and work on realizing them).
Siva: Btw, what does a seed need to sprout and grow bigger?
Children: Earth, water, air and sunlight…
Siva: Right. Similarly, you, the human seed also need them. Your Mother is your Earth and Water. Your Father is your Air.
Child (with a big smile on his face): Do you mean I drink my Mother?
There was huge uproar:-)
Siva: Yes, you drank your Mother’s milk at least.
Child (stunned, but the big smile is in tact): OK, what about my Father? Does he enter my nose and become my breathing?
Siva: Whatever your Mother does for you is visible. She gave you Body, so she represents Earth. She gave you Milk, So she represents Water too. But whatever your father does is not visible. That’s why he represents Air. A plant cannot survive without Air, right?
Child (convinced): Right.
Siva: Our parents gave us Earth, Water and Air. What else we (human seeds) need?
Children: Sunlight!
Siva: Right. Who is the Sun for us?
Children (in loud voice): Our Teachers!
Siva: Right. Your Parents and Teachers did so much for you so far. I can see you have all sprouted. They want you to grow bigger and bigger. They will keep doing their best for you to have great dreams and realize them. Today is the day we express our thankfulness to our parents and teachers for what they did for us. Your parents will first pay respects to their parents first. Then you can do the same to your parents and teachers.

We started playing Gurupaduka Stotram in the background and offered respects to our parents and teachers. It was a tremendously enriching experience for everyone present. Watch this video for a glimpse of it.

Conversation #55

Krishna and I were taking a shower that morning. We were talking about the river Ganges.

Siva: I have always heard there is great energy in the water of river Ganges. I also heard, if we remember the Ganges at the time of taking a shower, energy of the Ganges enters the water of the shower as a blessing.
Krishna: Even the dirt of the river Ganges might enter the shower… (ouch! we talked about the pollution of river Ganges too)
Siva (recovered): You may be right too. I must tell you something. There are two kinds of realities, one that is visible, and one that is not visible but can only be felt. Both are important.
Krishna (after a pause): And what about dreams?
Siva (stunned): You are right. We can say dreams are the 3rd kind of reality.

We finished shower and went for breakfast. Keertana was already there.

Siva: Krishna, I want to show you something and you need to tell me what you see.
Krishna was excited. I took him near to Keertana, pointing to her face…
Siva: What do you “see”?
Krishna: It’s a face!
Siva: Yes, that is the visible reality. If you cut open this face you will see…
Krishna: Blood and bones….
Siva: Right. Now tell me what you “feel” when you look at this face.
Krishna: Nothing.
Siva: I see a Devi.
Krishna: You should add an L to it. Devi+L = Devil.
There was huge uproar……it was unexpected!
Siva (recovered): Devil is not Devi plus L, it is Devi minus L.
Krishna was surprised.
Siva: L means Love. And Love means Great amount of Energy. Devi has got so much Energy that she can shower it on you if you treat her properly. If you treat her improperly, that Energy would be turned against you, then Devi minus L would be Devil for you.
Again there was uproar……Mom was laughing too…
Siva (pointing to Mom): Krishna, now look at this face, do you see a Devi or a Devil?
Krishna was simply smiling, he would not say a word. He must have felt the question was so meaningless that it didn’t deserve an answer!

Conversation #54

Children came across the words “Nyaya” and “Dharma” during the weekend Telugu classes.

Siva: My dears, do you know what is Nyaya?
Keertana: Yes, Nyaya is Fairness.
Siva: Right, what about Dharma?
Keertana: Truthfulness?
Siva: No, Truthfulness is Sathya (when our thought, word and action are consistent, we are in Sathya).
Keertana: Then, what is Dharma?
Siva: Dharma is FULLness.
Children: FULLness?
Siva: Yes. Suppose Krishna bought 4 ice creams, say each costed him 100yen. Say he is enjoying the first ice cream, while we are looking at him. Say we three ask him to give us the remaining 3 ice creams, and he says NO. Did he do right or wrong?
Poojitha: Wrong, he could have given the remaining 3 to us!
Keertana: No, it is fair, it bought them with his own money!
Siva: Both of you are correct. Keertana is right from Nyaya (Fairness) point of view. Poojitha is speaking from Dharma (FULLness) point of view. Let us see. Suppose Krishna finished having the 1st ice cream and he really enjoyed it, had a “AH” feeling. Now say he decided to have the 2nd one too. Do you think he would have the same level of “AH” feeling?
Keertana and Poojitha: No
Siva: Say, now he finished 2nd one and having the 3rd one too. Does he have any “AH” feeling with this?
Keertana and Poojitha: No.
Siva: Say, now he finished 3rd one too and having the 4th one….
Poojitha (exclaiming): He is already FULL!
Siva: Exactly! If he is already FULL and still does not like to share the ice creams with us, he is probably wrong from Dharma point of view. But, can we decide if he is FULL or not?
Keertana: No.
Siva: Right, then who can decide if Krishna is actually FULL or not?
Keertana: Only Krishna himself (his Heart, to be precise).
Siva: Right. Nyaya belongs to Mind, Dharma belongs Heart (Heart is one’s own Nature). Which one is important? Nyaya or Dharma?
Children: Both?
Siva: Yes.

Nyaya (man-made law/rules) is a Social phenomenon. Mastering Nyaya makes one powerful socially (Lawyers, for example!).

Sathya (open-minded/truthfulness) is a Personal phenomenon. Sathya is a great weapon and can lead us to success, whether it is Personal (realizing higher and higher truths, ask any Meditator) or Professional (good example is Japanese work culture). Further, all the scientific advancements are based on Sathya.

Dharma is a Natural(Universal) phenomenon. Dharma includes Nyaya and Sathya too. One who follows Dharma will be powerful, successful also be Joyful! (Look at any enlightened Master)

Conversation #53


Children have been reading Mahabharata (Hi)story from Amar Chitra Katha books (with Figures) with great interest. Several interesting discussions are ongoing. On that day, we were wondering how Lord Krishna agreed to be a charioteer to Arjuna.

Siva: A charioteer is like a taxi driver!

Children were laughing.

Siva: Do you know why Lord Krishna took up this task of a driver?

Children: No

Siva: Several reasons. One of them is because it is a thankless job.

Children: What is a thankless job?

Siva: Which is of less value to others usually. And also an easily replaceable job. Usually, who is the great man here, the taxi driver or the man riding (or owning) the Taxi?

Children: The one riding.

Siva: Right. Who is easier to replace in a war, a very skilled fighter like Arjuna or his driver?

Children: His driver.

Siva: Usually Yes, but Lord Krishna was not just a driver, he was the wisest person in the battle field. Who do you think is actually using who? Arjuna was using Lord Krishna or the otherwise?

Children: Lord Krishna was using Arjuna.

Siva: Right. The point for us here is, the more thankless jobs we take up, the more powerful we become in life. Who is the most powerful at our home?

Children: Mom

Siva: Right, because she is doing most of the thankless jobs. Who is the most powerful person in our house in India?

Children: Grandma

Siva: No

Children (surprised): Grandpa?

Siva: No

Children: Then who else?

Siva: It’s the maid servant of the house.

There was uproar….

Siva: Say your Grandma or Grandpa is sick for a week, it is not a big problem. But if the maid servant is sick for a week, it’s a big problem! The real owner of that house is our maid servant.

Grandma was laughing, while Grandpa was scolding 🙂

Thereafter Children started taking up more and more thankless jobs at home. We have a point system in place too as shown in this picture. Once children reach 100 points, they get a prize.

The other day, during breakfast time:

Siva: Children, you are earning good number of points at home. Do you know Nature also gives points for everything we do?

Children were surprised.

Siva: In fact, we get points whether we want or not (every action has a consequence). And the points can be Positive or Negative or Zero, case by case!

Krishna is excited to know!

Siva: Do you know how Nature judges us?

Krishna: If we do good things, we get Positive points?

Siva: Very close. Actually, Nature decides NOT by our action, but by our intention. I will tell you about 4 types of people (intentions) and how they get 4 types of points. Are you ready to know?

Krishna: Yes

Siva: The 1st type of people just see “What is there for me” before doing anything. This type of thinking is called Adharma. Those people will get Negative points whatever they do.

Children were listening…

Siva: The 2nd type of people see “What is good for you and me” before doing anything (fair enough way for survival). What kind of points would they get?

Krishna: Zero points

Siva: Yes. And the 3rd type of people see “What can I do for you”. They will get…

Krishna: Positive points.

Siva: Right. This kind of thinking is called Dharma. And there are 4th type of people who see everyone as their own. There is no difference between you and me for them. What kind of points will they get?

Krishna: They get 2 Positive points every time instead of 1?

I was laughing…

Krishna: A 100 Positive points?

I was still laughing…

Krishna: Infinite Positive points?

Siva: Yes, or you can say they are not in the point system of Nature anymore. Or you can say they became one with the Nature…

Krishna was laughing…

I just listed 4 types of people. Actually they are 4 types of intentions, and there could be infinite possible sub-types and infinite combinations of them in each of our actions.

Conversation #52

It was breakfast time. Children were having the luxury of both their Mom and GrandMom serving them. Children and me were discussing about the various foods available to us: Mom’s food vs Restaurant food, Fresh vs Preserved ingredients etc. We came to a conclusion that Mom’s food made of fresh ingredients is the Number One food. Suddenly Krishna asked:


Krishna: Now the tough question to you, which food is better, Your Mom’s food or My Mom’s food? You must choose One!

Mom and GrandMom were watching us…

Siva: It doesn’t matter who made it. Anyone if they made the food for me with Love, for my well-being, it is the Number One food for me.

Krishna fell silent.

Keertana (not convinced): Even if I made the food (for you)?

Siva: Yes, it will still be the Number One food for me.

Keertana (double checking): What if my friend Praveena prepared food (for you)?

Siva: Still it will be Number One for me.

Keertana (convinced): Ok, you meant Home-made food is always good, right?

Siva: Yes. (A home is universal in nature)


Here is the top secret (weapon) I learnt in my life. Most questions cannot be answered, they can only be dissolved! Mind separates everything it sees. All questions arise out of this separation. However, if we see from the core (Energy level), everyone and everything is just a piece of energy. All energy is “connected”, and all separations are illusions. Therefore, if we see from the core, we can convince anyone that their question is meaningless!


Disclaimer: All of us live in various illusions. Illusions have got their own sense of reality. We have to respect other person’s illusions. Use this weapon carefully and for self-defence or self-less purposes only. I am not responsible for any consequences arising out of inappropriate use of this weapon (^_^)

Conversation #51

MAP of Inner Earth .jpg

Keertana loves to read books on Fiction so much. So, I decided to talk about one of the mysterious things ever reported on our Planet Earth. Grandparents were part of this conversation too.

I started talking with a Globe of Planet Earth in front of us.

Siva: Dears, today I want to tell you something unbelievable I came across. And you will need to decide for yourself if it is a fiction or non-fiction.
Children were all ears.
Siva (rotating the Globe): Do you know what is at the center of our planet Earth?
Keertana: We are living on the Earth’s crust, then we have the mantle, then the Core that is extremely hot (Science says it is Iron solid or molten, which causes magnetic fields of earth that protect us from harmful solar radiation).
Siva: That’s the guess (theory) of Scientists. Do you think they traveled down to the center of the Earth and discovered it?
Children: No
Siva: Right. Sage Lobsang Rampa says (after a deep pause), our planet Earth is actually HOLLOW. And there are millions of people like us living there inside. That world is called AGHARTHA. And there are two huge openings on our planet to enter the Inner Earth, one at North Pole and one at the South Pole.
Children as well as Grandparents were astonished.
Siva: Not only that, it seems they have got their own Sun at the center of the Inner Earth (see the picture for an idea). This Sun is just bright enough to create a pleasant atmosphere all the time.
Grandma: Then we should be able to see the rays of that Sun on our planet through the two openings (at poles)!
Siva: Yes, it seems we do see those rays sometimes. Those rays are called Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) at North Pole and Aurora Australis (Southern lights) at South Pole. Watching Aurora Borealis is a famous tourist destination for Japanese. Science says (theory again) Auroras are formed due to interaction of Earth’s magnetic field with Sun rays at Poles.
Everyone was listening in pin-drop silence.
Siva: Btw, besides the huge openings at the Poles, it seems there are several tunnels from Inner Earth to the Surface at various parts of the planet. Has anyone heard of Bermuda Triangle?
Keertana: YES, that’s the place near Florida where several air planes and ships were completely lost mysteriously.
Siva: Yes, One of those tunnels to Inner earth seems to be located at Bermuda Triangle, one under Tibet, one under the pyramids of Egypt and several more at various other locations of the Earth.
Keertana: Does anyone (on Surface Earth) know about Inner Earth?
Siva: Seems several Governments know about it. Seems some Governments even tried to break into the Inner world. But the inside people have got much more sophisticated technology so nothing could harm them (seems the Inner people closed/camouflaged the openings at Poles since the Year 2000). Has anyone heard of flying saucers?
Grandpa: YES
Siva: Seems they are the 4-dimension spaceships (4th dimension is made of mental/spiritual powers) made for inter-galactic travel. Seems there are several inner/outer worlds in this Solar universe as well as other universes where the Inner Earth people frequently travel to (some of those worlds are invisible to our dimensions). It seems there is Inner world in Planet Mercury, which is used as an Inter-galactic Prison. Do you know there is a ring around Planet Saturn?
Children: YES
Siva: Seems that’s the sign of an inter-galactic Hospital.
After a few moments of silence….
Keertana: Has anyone gone to the Inner Earth?
Siva: Usually we are not allowed to enter. But, after the Surface Earth people started becoming more and more greedy and violent, especially after we bombed Hiroshima whose vibrations were also felt Inside Earth, Inner people wanted to give warning to us. One Mr. Richard Byrd seems to have been taken into the Inner Earth and a message was conveyed through him to us in 1947. In his diary that came out after his death (link below), he reported spectacular scenes at the North pole, where the weather gets warmer and abundant flora and fauna are found before he finally enters the Inner Earth and meets people there. He says Inner Earth people are so beautiful and are about 12 feet tall and so on. Mr. Byrd seems to have conveyed their message to top people, but since then he was not allowed to speak on this topic anymore.
Children: Why?
Siva: Unfortunately, it has become our tendency to suppress any information that is positive and important, and highlight everything that is negative and unimportant. Several governments know of the worlds on the other planets. That seems to be the reason why they are spending billions of dollars on space research (which they could have used for other purposes).
Children were silent.
Siva: Btw, there is there is also a book written about a 19-year old boy who went inside the Planet along with his father accidentally and spent two years there and came back. I will show you the book “The Smoky God” later (link below). He says the language of the Inner Earth people is like Sanskrit.
Children were pleasantly surprised.
Siva: Seems there are about 35000 people from Surface Earth race currently living inside the Earth. Many went about 12000 years ago, when the famous Lemurian civilization was about to become extinct in a nuclear war (link below). One of the famous ones who went inside recently (and still living) is Nikola Tesla, who found that Electricity can be generated everywhere using the electric charges available in the atmosphere itself. He proposed to provide electricity to every machine on the planet for free. Seems he could not continue his work on the Surface so he went under! (this was in line with what I heard from a sage earlier, that the business establishments did not like the concept of a “locally generated Free electric power”. Instead, they chose Edison’s concept of generating electricity at huge isolated power stations, which could be distributed and sold to people and generate money)
Keertana: Did anyone from Inner Earth come to Surface Earth?
Siva: Yes, one of them was Lord Rama (of Hindu scriptures). Seems the entire Inner World is just one single country. So there are no wars, there is only peace. All the people get everything they need. They live in harmony with nature. That’s why they seem to live for 600-800 years on average. Lord Rama was on our Earth for the mission of creating a One World on the Surface Earth too and I heard he was successful (things broke after he went and also due to floods etc). In my childhood I heard that when he finished his job, he went inside the Earth via the River Sarayu that opened up for him (and there was a fleet of ships descended on Earth to take him back).
Grandparents: YES we heard too
Siva: Even his wife Sita was said to have been found in the outer layer of the Earth (as a small baby) when someone was excavating….
Children: YES (they read her story)
Grandma: Yes, I also read Sita went inside Earth after her job is done.
Siva: Yes
Later I showed children the letters written by the inhabitants of the Inner Earth to us (link below). One letter says there is a humongous library called Porthologos in the Inner World that maintains all the records of everything important that ever happened in our Universe.
Keertana: I wish I visit that library! (she is so fond of books, just like me)
Siva: I know. Shall I tell you the most fascinating thing I heard about the Inner world?
Keertana: Tell me
Siva: Seems there are vast oceans inside the Earth too, and no one ever gets drowned in them!
Keertana: How?
Siva: Because people live in completely harmony with the nature. They say their Water Talks to them!
Children were stunned.
Siva: Everything has life including water, air, mountains and so on. They don’t kill any animals. They don’t even kill plants (only take their fruits/nuts with their permission). They let plants/trees to finish producing for several generations. Seems, if anyone wishes to communicate to any creature living in the ocean, they just need to go to the ocean and express their wish (through telepathy), and the creature comes out to the shore, communicates with them and goes back.
Keertana: Papa, how can anyone prove that this is all real?
Siva: We cannot know for sure until we go there. It seems extremely difficult to enter Inner Earth via the Poles. (Other way is to rise in our consciousness so much that they open the tunnels for us). Seems the easiest way is to do the Astral Travel! You know the person who did Astral Travel (we met him the other day)
Krishna: Yes, we watched his video too (link below)
Siva: Yes, he says he traveled across the universe and beyond. How can we believe him? For him it could be the truth, but for us it is just a piece of information till we experience ourselves (there are two kinds of truths, objective and subjective)
Children were thinking….
Siva: Now tell me, is this story a fiction or non-fiction?
Keertana: Non-fiction
Krishna: Both!
Siva: It’s up to you to decide.

Whether the inner Earth is a Fiction or Real, we started learning Sanskrit anyways. Just in case…..

Main article on Hollow Earth by Lobsang Rampa.

Experiences of a 19-year old boy in the Inner Earth (book name is “The Smoky God”) and the Letters from Inner Earth.

Astral travel video.

Info on Lemurian civilization that existed on Earth 12000 years ago.…/atlantis-lemuria-maldek/